CoBioRes wants to participate in the 1000km from Kom op Tegen Kanker


Where CoBioRes is dedicated to valorize promising and innovative research on a daily basis, we now have committed ourselves to exceed the scientific comfort zone and contribute to innovative research from a more sportive angle.

In 2020, we want to cycle ‘De 1.000 km voor Kom op tegen Kanker’. The concept of this event is that each team is responsible of raising a substantial amount of money as participation fee. Over the past 10 years, this initiative was able to invest over €30 million in scientific programs in Flanders, dedicated to cancer research. Now, it is our time to shine in this sportive experiment as Team CoBioRes!

For this purpose, CoBioRes will set up a number of activities, including a gastronomic diner, wine sale, etc. Together with gifts (fiscal advantage) and sponsorships, we hope to raise a substantial amount of money to support cancer research.


More information can be found on our Team page of Kom op tegen Kanker (Dutch).